Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rise and Shine...

6 ‘o’ clock in the morning in a super fast express (barely faster than a speeding auto rickshaw that plies on the streets of Burrabazar) on a certain December morning mayn’t be the most conducive and ideal time to write a blog, but with frequent cups of chai and growing sunlight outside it doesn’t seem like an absolute impossibility either. Of course for people around me (like the one who was just standing near my back) I am like a truly geek- techno-gizmo-demi god who chooses to spend the sleepiest part of the day sitting here perched over this laptop! As for the only people who mayn’t think so, are happily cuddled up under blankets/shawls/trench coats and are most unaware of my exploits! So can I go on to record this as a human triumph over the cruel side of nature, can I say yet again humans (this time led by me!) have shown that they wont be balked down by sub 10 degree temperature (considering the fact that I am a true bong… might explain few things here), cold chilly occasional wind which just happen to come from nowhere..Blah …blah…. NO…..I guess it would rather go down as the exact example of what happens when you pack for a journey (60 hours in total, 46 of which takes place in 4 different trains) in 15 minutes.

Second year in management education is quite fascinating and interesting for many different reasons from why first year is. In second year, yet again you are senior and have an entire batch of unsuspecting juniors as the bunch of guinea pigs to try put your newly acquired management fundaes to test. However the problem here being that the market condition here is that of perfectly competitive one, and juniors getting too much of power in terms of choosing whom to take gyan from, people like me whose batch rank resembles the highest scores of Sourav Ganguly in the best days of his cricketing career take premature exit from this market and try and open up an entirely new niche market to spend their time - b-school competitions! Not that I have been particularly successful here either but then given the laws of probability you will, however unlikely it might appear in the outset, crack couple of them and claim your moment of greatness. Hence when I found my name in the shortlist for an event in Iris ’07 (IIM I fest), I thanked my forefathers, my kindergarten teachers, Government of India and other stakeholders who contributed to my success and set out on my trip to Indore. Some of the clich├ęs used in these fests such as – “battle it out for the top glory”, “almost first is still not first”, “winner takes it all”, “claim your glory” somehow have this underlying tinge of medieval age war cries and you without being much familiar with any of it think of yourself like a knight in black suit who is out their to win this “corporate” battle. Of course there are other incentives for going to such fests such as- free booze, vacation trip, and babes from different college (applicable only to students from IIMs). Any ways I won’t bore you with my exploits in Iris coz frankly I don’t remember much, a pleasant after effect of heavy drinking (you feel less guilty and embarrassed) which was primarily what I did in the last 4 days. Now at the end of it, more importantly at the seeming end of the painful and freezing train journey I feel more like Odysseus returning from Troy (..ahem.. fine what if it is a little exaggeration…its freezing here…and I did win an event and moreover 7 days out of XL is much worse than 11 years away from Penelope, at least at the end of it he got her back, while the grades I lost for missing more than 5 lectures are gone forever).

Anyways Just as I was about of slide the fifth empty cup of tea under my seat I was simultaneously visited by two most terrifying creatures of the dark waters that flow through the Indian Railways ( sorry for the intended, but failed, resemblance with LOTR)- Eunuch & TTE. One went away after causing a negative cash flow of Rs 5 and showering some blessings on me, while the other was extremely let down by the sight of a valid ticket and left only after he was sure there was no way he can charge me with any fine. Once again I feel extremely jealous of my friends who are happily sleeping, even now! It’s a clean and beautiful day outside, less cold inside and I feel like that man who stood there in the pond all night looking at the distant lamp (refer to Birbal stories for more case facts). The long painful night is gone, and so is the charge of my laptop and there is a marked increase in people who are awake now and giving me those dirty looks of incredulity and wonder, which makes me feel that it’s the apt time to finish this blog here and resume my journey through the dreamlands. So long friends hope to write again… under better conditions probably!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy b'day!

Well since childhood days one of the happiest days of my life have been my b'days...and I guess same is true for most of us. But over the years I have noticed the feeling has changed. They say that - " as you grow you will know, there is price to pay for everything!! "... Yeah the price....

B'day @ class 1: You wear fancy little clothes..all colorful...your parents accompany you to school gate.... all the teacher wish you ... all your friends wish you... and wait for you to take the treasure out of your bag- a huge packet of melody chocolate!... I am quite sure I could have walked away with a murder on those days... and even God might have forgotten me!!

B'day @ class 8: You don't wear fancy colorful clothes... (or might just... a function of the principle's strictness).. .your parents still want to drop you to school gate....but you feel you are too old for such stupidity...you still carry chocolates in your bag... and your friends still wish you... however if you happen to be in a co-ed school.... you b'day might just be a little more interesting- girls coming to wish you... a card suddenly finding its way in your bag, when you are off during lunch... or better still - a bar of Cadbury's dairy milk...with a little card marked in red.... and a girl...who is ready to flee away the moment she sees her friends coming !

B'day @ class 12: No fancy clothes... no chocolates... yes definitely lot of wishes.... and you treat your frnds too in canteen- coke, patties etc... yes there might be cards... but the girl might not run away... she will rather tell you when her next coaching class is... but thats not the prime attraction, by then... you get introduced to a concept called- b'day bums! ..an extremely painful concept at that... more so because your friends are equipped with pointed leather shoes which can easily dig hole in concrete slabs! ...but then its bearable... its a new concept!

B'day @ engg college: Clock strikes 12 (night)... a war cry can be heard somewhere down the corridor..soon you hear the marching troopers coming down your corridor...moments later the door of your room will be thrown open.. and before you can even protest ... you are off the ground and rushed towards a relatively empty place which provides lot of leg room! Please note: wear only the worst pair of clothes you have.... you will soon have the entire football team lining up ...ready to practice their penalty shootout skills... this time with your ass! May God have mercy on the souls who have had b'day bums! After the fifth shot... you can easily understand what they mean by third degree! Your body will have several spasms... but until your tormentors are not satisfied... one kick will follow another....

B'day @ b-schools: Clock: 2 minutes to 12.... a yahoo buzz flies across the batch ids... " ... his b'day... come to the common room ...ASAP...wearing your best trekking shoes! " 2 minute is the average time which a typical student will take to put a halt on all his activities and rush to the crime scene! The rituals might vary from college to college.... but... it somewhat follows this order: 1. carry the poor guy on shoulder to the common room...2. create enough noise to attract newer talents. ..3.the first onslaught! ... 4. Let the bathroom water wash away the sins of the sinner !! 5. "Bring his roomie"... the God needs a sacrifice... his roomie is an apt one..!! 6. Another round of showering.... 7. Then you go ahead to cut a cake.... hoping you will get some.... only to be surprised that you get the entire one.... on the face!!!! Anyways there are couple of more details to it-- such as gifts, toasts ... etc! Of course its quite a short and efficient ritual... which makes a big impact! For the next 3 days the poor chap can't sit properly in class... walk properly... wakes up in sleep if he turns over ... but then you are a grown up now... and you know every good things in life comes with a little pain/price! ... and you wait for your turn when you get to be the war lord and lead the army into the room of ...

"Such is life and its lessons... embedded in most austere things around us...waiting to be discovered... but you realize only when ... you get that kick in the ass !!!!! "

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The blue book

There is something about the Govt offices...whenever I enter one.. I am so filled with confusion and nervousness... which can't be expressed in words. Its probably just the reflection of how people working over there feel... neways... this blog is not to criticize our govt or public services... in fact if at all... this one should throw some good light on them...So without any further delay...I begin with my extra - ordinary journey to get my passport done!

The quest began sometime in 2004...after seeing some secret agent movie...may be one of the 'mission impossible' movies.... I was particularly intrigued by that colorful little books which our hero showed with great pride... and wondered ...Can I get one!!??

Anyways... many forms later... and after endless reminders from my family and friends... this time .. just before my term break... I took up the brave resolution.."is baar: aar... ya ...paar".. I will get my passport done.

5 days...1 task... too many obstacles!!! ...
Anyway like a true strategist and like the hero of that movie..I spent the first day testing the water... finding out which are the possible ways of getting a passport... quite confusing I must tell you... neways.. !!

By second day I was sure of the method... but needed some expert advice-"agents" before I could launch upon the daunting task.

Third day: I reached the passport office at around 10:30 am. The queue was around a kilometer long... but neways...I had to join it... so I stood there. I planned to get my passport done under tatkaal scheme, which would have got me my passport in just a day.
After an hour on the footpath of one of the busiest streets in kolkata as I entered, I very much expected to see a special reception committee for tatkaal..but well... there weren't any!! And then that good old confusion and nervousness gripped me... after many a question, and varied answers , I ended up in a queue which was probably longer than the last one- 'the queue to enquiry' Now you know I wasn't the only one confused!
Well it was a close run against the time..somehow the seconds always ticked away faster than the pace of our queue.. and just before the guy at counter slammed the 'gone for lunch' sign on my face..I could catch few key words- 'line starts at 4am', 'only 60 tokens per day', ' only token holder gets to apply', 'Annexure F and Annexure I are must!'
Rest of the day passed in familiarizing myself with the ways of getting affidavits from court and proving that I stayed in my house and nowhere else! Where else will I stay anyways!?!? and for what joy!??? But then they are dumb questions... so I prepared myself for the D-day!

Day 4: 4:30 am : I was racing through the empty streets of Kolkata. It gave me such a kick to drive through road at 80Kmph where under normal circumstances 40 Kmph seems like a bliss... which ,well once again, I can't describe in words. I pretty much assumed that I will be the first fool for the day.. only to find... there were more... some 25 more.. and worse still there were few from the fairer sex! Now that suddenly made a light glow in the heart of a 'seasoned single'! After getting myself a place in the queue... I started planning of ways to talk to 'them'. Just then my dad offered to take my place in the queue and asked me to rest for a while in the car. Well it was an offer I simply couldn't refuse... thought I will have enough time in the morning anyways... and Dad will return home by 6 .. and i will embark upon my dream innings!! ....
Morning came... dad returned... I came back to the line at 6:30 am fully awake and alert to face all kinds of delivery... only to find that the bowlers were happily sleeping !!!!! Now thats mean on the part of whoever is there up somewhere!! but... well what can u do anyways! So I started calling up my friends and woke them up ... derived a sweet sadistic pleasure from it...
At around 8:30 a newspaper wala came...I have never been happier seeing the newspaper in my life... while I was choosing a newspaper I noticed that 'they' were awake... then the manager in me got hold of me and I demanded in loud voice- "The Economic Times"..Poor newspaper vendor was at loss, he looked here and there hoping somebody would explain him that alien name, coz he was used to vernaculars or Telegraph or TOI. But I was adamant, as if I have never passed a single day without readin ET... but finally when the vendor was about to go having decided that I was a nut case...I steeped low down to TOI. This short stint was what they call as- "brand building exercise"...but to my despair with little or no visible effect!
Time passed as I flipped through the pages hoping for a miracle... but none happened. I duly collected my token... went inside ... started arranging my documents only to realise I had left some back at home!!!!!! Now why does this always happen to me!!!??? WHY???
Neways ... post a mad - rash driving through the busy roads of kolkata..pleading to the guy across the counter ...another bout of nervousness and 2 hour later.. I had submitted my form and collected the receipt and also got the great news- delivery date for passport- very next day!

So next day like a student waiting for his final marks I paced up and down the room till my name was announced! Finally at 6: 06: 15 pm... I got to touch my passport for the first time... It was a prized possession... enough to make anyone on this wide planet jealous... it was my treasure .... 'my precious'!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

The disease ...

What is D? obvious answers are : an alphabet, a movie, differential(if u r the nerd types)... but when u hear - debt.. depreciation..as the response...u tend to feel a little uncomfortable.
What is CC? Computer Center (Shrik said with a grin! ), carbon copy.... naaah! ...cost of capital! These are some of the symptoms of a very grave disease - ER! (equity research) and it is likely to affect those who have some particular fancy for things called securities and portfolios. Of course some people still manage to get away... but then not all are the "great one".

Ya so as I was saying.. as end terms became more and more real... we started realizing that deadlines can't be postponed any further... and that is when it all began. A certain tribe of people... with the certain liking as mentioned above...started this buzz word around campus... ER! and then the most common topic of discussion suddenly converged and all you can hear people talking is- some random fin jargons with some funky company name associated with it. Here are some excerpts of it:

Scene 1: Night canteen: I suddenly saw a guy coming towards GH 3 hostel..drunken steps.. looking completely lost... as if he suddenly found himself in an alien world ... guys comes closer and I realise : Jesal! what happened dude?
From the looks of it seemed that he had just been nuked.. but he explained.... ER! His team mate- sutta and shiv had deserted him mid way and now only he and neha were left with the huge task ... hence his disheveled state.

Scene 2: A room in LH: 3 girls inside: topper, banker and IT freak! I made the mistake of entering that room ..5 minutes in that room and I was wondering ... where the hell am I??

"Unlevered cost of capital is equal to levered cost of capital"
"Lets calculate our own wacc"
Then I witnessed a classic case of industrial disputes.. workers forming unions and going on strikes..Often heard questions were - " why should I do this?".."why should I tell you?"

Topper felt sudden surges of good and very good mood... she would keep humming some song or the other .. they varied from : " happy birthday to you... "..to ..Nerolac jingles...to certain pussy cat's hit single!
Banker: What have I done?
IT freak: What have u done da?
Topper: Our valuation is screwed up da!
Banker(with great deal of confidence): I am flunking in SAPM!
Topper (stopping mid way between her rendition of some song by usher): I am NOT flunking in SAPM!
IT freak( unaware of this conversation): How can a bank lend at 1% interest???
Banker (in nursery teacher mode): Write I divided by 1 plus 1 by D by E....

Then all of a sudden there was this frantic search for someone called ... KD.... I was almost going to send out a grp buzz ..only to realize .. its some abbreviation for cost of debt.. and not....

Then as expected there was some typical K'series dialogues:
Banker: Who put this figure here... U topper .. didnt u?
IT freak: Actually it was me!
Banker ( heart broken) : "Noooo, I can't believe it ... "
Topper sitting silent with the "i told you so" look on her face.

Some random comments:
Topper: "These girls ... I tell you... have no brains!"
Banker: Dont tell topper that I am finished with my part... ..she will give some more work
IT freak: Give me Nerolac's MD's number I will call him!

Now you know why I ran out!

Scene 3: Night canteen (again!) : Shiv enters, totally red in face... wearing highly provocative dress! Sutta stopped having Maggi and stared at him.. waiting for those golden words... "Abbe chal kaam pe lag! "

I was convinced that this is the worst thing that could have happened to the budding fin studs of tomorrow.. when a IR friend of mine (Aseem) introduced me to the concept of SAR: Self Assessment Report
"See what you do is take 20 inventory about urself.. fill each of them... write report on each of them... figure out the theme from each of the report.. that will give you some of ur traits .. then group them up ...select suitable job profile for each of them .. then look at all such fitting job profiles and derive a overall perfect job profile..... "

Now there is a tough competition there... SAR vs ER! Between them these two diseases have kept the entire batch on toes before the exam.... Now you must be wondering what this fool is doing writing blogs... doesn't he have any work to do?? I have only 1 thing to say in my defense: Mar - Strat ... Rocks! ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Before joining a b-school:
Rupam: "Bass ab to life set hai.... b-school... aur kya chahiye?"
Me: " Dude... i have heard its too rigorous out there... after 4 years of engg i think it will be really tough"

1st term in b-school somehow nearing its end:

Dilip: Damn it was too fast...
Me: Too furious...
Sushant: We will study from day 1 ...next term...

2nd term : after the summer placements

Dilip: We should start studying now...
Sushant: hmmm....
Me: When is the wet nite starting ??

3rd term : Seniors left... campus is so empty....

Sushant: Dude... just think .. 1 year from now...
Dilip: can we think of the exams ...which is 1 week from now...
Me: We will have good fun in Mumbai.... summers!!

Post Summers: The day before coming back to college..

Sushant: We don't have a second to waste when we go back ...
Me: Hmm....
Sushant: Its either sports or party!
Me: Hmmm...! (hic! )

4th term :Almost gone...

Dilip: Dude do you think I can manage 8 course in 5th term ??
Sushant: It will be tricky...with SIP for juniors ..sports meet... 4 wet nites... 2 trips to calcutta...durga puja trip... diwali.... how about settling for 7?
Me: You think he can manage 5 course in 6th term...???
Dilip : NO WAY !!

Certain wise man said ...once...okk may be twice: " My Son if you seek knowledge...let the quest not be limited to your school days...or college days.... or post graduate days.... let it go on forever..." .. Yeah rite we believe in it too...... ;)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Conspire and Aspire.. (ii)

There are two problems of writing a "part II" :
1. By the time u sit down to write it.... all the details seem to have blurred away.. and u are left there wondering - " did this happen or is it just my imagination?"
2. By the "sequel rule" ( which states that all there is 80% chance that a sequel will suck compared to the first one - propounded by : Stiff 'n' Spill-bug) my second attempt at continuing the story telling will definitely kill you, if first one has only bored you....

Anyways.... like that guy in Pepsi ad...who thinks - " mera gana hit hai.."... I choose to live under similar illusions and continue from where I left.

'She' arrived in jamshedpur on 2nd Aug at around 6:30 pm. Till around 4 pm we were confused as to where to put her up till that final moment came. After lot of deliberation and consultation among ourselves we narrowed down on two option: 1. Put her up in Jhumur's Room (Mossad agent: Deadliest of all.... 1 look and you are flat out...) , 2. A safe house in Sakchi (Read: Hotel Smita) Finally the choice was made by "she" : safe house. So at 6:30 Sushant , Dilip and myself were there on platform number 2 of station waiting for the train to come. We had already checked our exit plan 5 times, that would be: in an old jalopy, which kind of moves faster than cycle and as fast as TVS mopeds.. which Sushant had remodelled as - Maruti Alto. So finally the train came and i had the honor to meet...the "She".

The final plan was simple: all the of us including shashank leave at 1030 hours for The Regent- at 1120 : I leave to pick up Preeti and return by 1145- at 1159 we attack!!

You should have seen Dilip that evening, all excited and enthu. That reminds me, I have made a big mistake, I havent introduced Dilip, Shashank and Preeti yet.

Dilip: (The architect): A TeleCom engineer from Mumbai- fresher- single- and definitely looking! I always thought that I am one of the most unorganized and messy guys in campus... until I met Dilip. There was a point when there were so many stuff lying on his bed belonging to different people ( that includes him too... )...that I often wondered if the 'Lost and Found' section had shifted to my room ... There is one more thing absurdly alarming about him - he never gets angry- his mood varies between - normal to damn happy.... scary isn't it!!!??

Shashank: ( The family Guy): Looking at shashank you know exactly how you will look when you are happily married and settled in life.. ( not that he looks that old... ) His daily routine must include: sleep, food and 4 hour long session on phone ( with our KGB agent of course)....everything else is variable. He is kind of Vishwamitra of our group .. no Menaka/apsara can distract him...A person who has travelled up and down the central line of Mumbai local train route...every day - twice a day... for 2 months during summers.. need I say more .... but here he is happily unaware..."shikari kab yahan shikaar ban gaya"

Preeti: (The Lady in Red): With permission from due authorities I take this opportunity to write about the 'shikari's ' journey from mumbai to kolkata and back.... 1 months of planning... 1 month of careful deception... 1 week of suppressed laughter over phone.... 2 days of excitement...1 day that never seemed to end and then probably passed too soon.... 1000 volt smile ... a great attitude ...and finally about a total devil without the horns and tail. Ya I guess that will be my version of our KGB chief - Preeti ( Harpreet) ... kind of skewed i know...but then I am not the right person to do that... contact our very own family guy for that....!!

Anyways we pinned down the bakra ( shashank) to a corner seat in Cinnamon so that he can't see who is entering through the door. Time passed - I left at 1120 ... came back at 1140 .. got the cake 1150... Preeti called up shashank at 1152.. hung up 1158.... Bagchi got prepared with his camcorder at 1156 ....Preeti and i entered with the cake ...1159......10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.... Shashank went down.... Happy B'day Shashank!

I just can't describe the look on Shashank's face... he had the shock of life.... and was happy like hell... but everything got mixed...all emotions... happiness... surprise... everything.. and only thing he could utter for next 15 minutes - " Ooooh shiiiiiit!!" ofcourse we had a great time... laughing our heads off... raising toasts to our victory... and capturing every moment. I knew i had something to take shashank's case for the rest of his life...

For the next 3 days Shashank was nowhere to be seen.... Professors realized once again that viral fever was doing its round in hostel.... Kisley couldn't get his bike for next 3 days...and of course we got a grand treat!! Its been 4 days since preeti left.... I can still see the reminiscence of that smile on his face..... reminds me of that ad - " something in life money can't buy.... for everything else......"

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Conspire and Aspire...

Why do we watch corny movies ? I know you would say - " I don't! I am very particular about the movies I watch" or you might say - " Movies are for entertainment.. relax and chillax.. why bother so much? " ..or some other variant of these... The truth is - life is kind of bland most of the days... and we keep looking for some red hot chilly peppery stuff which will spice up our life ... even if it lasts for 2 hours and costs 200 bucks.

Well that much for movies but stretching my theory ( i know.. i know... its not mine... i am not a bloody philosopher that i will come up with philosophies and theories at a age of 22... ).. a little bit we can probably see why we take so much trouble just to surprise some one a little... make our life a little 'filmy' and savor those moments when the victim is sitting there stunned because he always thought you to be a practical, not too adventurous types...

Ok.. I will come to the point i am trying to make... one of these days suddenly Dilip ( my ex- roomie and present next door neighbor) came and asked me - " Shashank ka birthday kab hai? " Trust me I suck at it... remembering b'days that is ... I somehow manage to remember mine and my parents' and even then my mom, knowing me, keeps dropping a hint or two reminding me her and my dad's b'day... I told you I suck at it..... Yeah ..so I, as expected, tried to show as if I remembered it all along and was only testing Dilip. " I know you don't remember.. don't worry .. Even i didn't remember", Dilip said grinning. Its always nice to find a fellow 'birthday forgetter'. "Its on 3rd Aug and guess what .. Preeti told me ... she is coming here to surprise him", Dilip told me as if we were fellow KGB agents standing right in the middle of CIA headquarters. And here is my second weakness... remembering name.. somehow I can't manage to remember more than 100 names....and people I meet are mostly the ones whose name don't figure in the first 100... anyways!! .. After a moment of desperate search through my Grey cells (or wherever they store names).. and taking cue from Dilip's expression , I said - " his girlfriend?" " Yeah!!!! " , Dilip said with a sigh of relief and continued " But its classified. Nobody knows except Sushant and Bagchi". Sushant and Bagchi are our fellow KGB agents. It is only apt that I give a brief description of both of them here.

Sushant : He can doze off as fast as superman can fly... and he is perpetually enthu about anything and everything that is happening - when he is awake of course!! .. He is one of those who doze off in every lecture and in the middle of nowhere wakes up and asks a question.. ( an intelligent one .. mind that! ) .., to professor's despair, and would go back to sleep even before professor has opened his mouth to answer him ... But a strategist at heart and a resourceful fellow otherwise....... he is a very important asset of KGB.

Bagchi: I am Bagchi... Shamik Bagchi... Well no body really hears the second part... even before that... they start wondering which is bigger - their face or Bagchi's bicep?? Well Bagchi does command attention... Dude you can't take the risk of doing it any other way!!! Anyways he is not what he looks like .. a poet at heart and a true lover of books ( mostly the ones that belong to course reference list ).. He is also a truly romantic fellow... if you dont believe me go ask that junior gal!!

Ya so now you know the line up and how we were making plans to nail that CIA agent- Shashank ! led by his own lady love ...who of course is an undercover KGB agent ( by the way...aren't all agents supposed to be under cover... neways!)

Days kept passing and Dilip kept posting us with the latest updates. Ok 'She' has booked her tickets... 'She' has asked us to book a room in MDP... Dude, what are the plans for the D-day 'She' is asking for it ???....She is coming today evening ... Where is the car to pick her up.... We always referred to her as 'She'... you know for security reasons and all..

Anyways 'she' is here... and the stage is set .....after days of hard work ...KGB is ready to make that final blow on that CIA agent..... at 12 today...with a pound of cake as the weapon of choice...

(to be continued ...)

Thursday, July 26, 2007


If life was ever a road…

If goals were so elusive as now…

I hope I have you always on my side…

To guide me and show me the way…

To keep me going through the night

And fall like rain on scorching summer day…

‘Coz you remind me of sanity…

When the world stop making any sense – Nostalgia!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tale of a second:

There are events in our life which are defined in a moment. They just happen, and probably on a hind sight a lot of events can be traced back to that one moment. Hence this blog on the tale of a second...

Recently I saw the movie - Butterfly Effect... going by marketing theory i am worse than a "laggard"in this case; but even then- better late than....
What our illustrious lead character was trying to do was to create a chain of events that would be better than the existing...perfecting what has been done.... All he had to do was decide which moment to change and so after a loss of substantial amount of blood (mostly through nose)... he had a different life sometimes better ..but mostly much worse than the life before!... But probably the main point director wanted to drive home was the importance of small moments which play big roles in our lives.... It is those insignificant moments which define our furure significantly!

Hmmm... too much of gas! .. i guess a necessary evil for every budding manager! Life sometimes is so fast that you dont even remember what happened the same day in the morning...forget about the last day... but then... there are times..when every second seems to be more than a movie... you can actually stop it..take a look around... take a sip of ur favorite drink...and replay it!...I still remember that moment...or the momentary lapse of reason..which led me into it... however it will remain as clear in my memory...as probably...one of my sweetest memories ever! No it wasnt sweet...on a hindsight...it could have been much worse...well it wasnt..( as if its not bad enough!!)... taking a 90 degree turn at 60 kmph is not so dangerous.. but with 6 people in your car...with the foot pressed on the accelator.. not so pleasant either... i can remember every second of it.. how the car slowly went out of control....how my confidence( over-confidence..) gave way to a potential major accident.. when the first impact came i was too tensed and focussed even to accept it...it had hit a stone slab!...front right wheel... whaam! the car turned in the middle of the road... using the axle as its fulcrum the car turned...when i first saw it...how i wished butterfly effect was not a fiction and a reality... trust me i wud have given anything just to turn back time... live it again...but then i was struck there... with a bunch of supportive but shocked friends... I often wonder what is worse for parents/friends... the apparent loss of money..of a rather long term loss of faith!!?? well faith shud be the answer...but then,, what they dont get is that the person concerned deserves a better trial.. more than just a chance to prove himself right..he needs a second chance ..when his faults will be ignored..... and walla...my prayers were were answered!!..which led me to another confusion... which is worse... ur conscience playing the same sad video again and again..to make you realise...to analyse the mistakes you made...or a real good blast from...???? well conscience wins hands down!! no comparison..at all!! that second well i dont know what happened..but then i got to live with it...all becoz of a second!!