Thursday, August 2, 2007

Conspire and Aspire...

Why do we watch corny movies ? I know you would say - " I don't! I am very particular about the movies I watch" or you might say - " Movies are for entertainment.. relax and chillax.. why bother so much? " ..or some other variant of these... The truth is - life is kind of bland most of the days... and we keep looking for some red hot chilly peppery stuff which will spice up our life ... even if it lasts for 2 hours and costs 200 bucks.

Well that much for movies but stretching my theory ( i know.. i know... its not mine... i am not a bloody philosopher that i will come up with philosophies and theories at a age of 22... ).. a little bit we can probably see why we take so much trouble just to surprise some one a little... make our life a little 'filmy' and savor those moments when the victim is sitting there stunned because he always thought you to be a practical, not too adventurous types...

Ok.. I will come to the point i am trying to make... one of these days suddenly Dilip ( my ex- roomie and present next door neighbor) came and asked me - " Shashank ka birthday kab hai? " Trust me I suck at it... remembering b'days that is ... I somehow manage to remember mine and my parents' and even then my mom, knowing me, keeps dropping a hint or two reminding me her and my dad's b'day... I told you I suck at it..... Yeah I, as expected, tried to show as if I remembered it all along and was only testing Dilip. " I know you don't remember.. don't worry .. Even i didn't remember", Dilip said grinning. Its always nice to find a fellow 'birthday forgetter'. "Its on 3rd Aug and guess what .. Preeti told me ... she is coming here to surprise him", Dilip told me as if we were fellow KGB agents standing right in the middle of CIA headquarters. And here is my second weakness... remembering name.. somehow I can't manage to remember more than 100 names....and people I meet are mostly the ones whose name don't figure in the first 100... anyways!! .. After a moment of desperate search through my Grey cells (or wherever they store names).. and taking cue from Dilip's expression , I said - " his girlfriend?" " Yeah!!!! " , Dilip said with a sigh of relief and continued " But its classified. Nobody knows except Sushant and Bagchi". Sushant and Bagchi are our fellow KGB agents. It is only apt that I give a brief description of both of them here.

Sushant : He can doze off as fast as superman can fly... and he is perpetually enthu about anything and everything that is happening - when he is awake of course!! .. He is one of those who doze off in every lecture and in the middle of nowhere wakes up and asks a question.. ( an intelligent one .. mind that! ) .., to professor's despair, and would go back to sleep even before professor has opened his mouth to answer him ... But a strategist at heart and a resourceful fellow otherwise....... he is a very important asset of KGB.

Bagchi: I am Bagchi... Shamik Bagchi... Well no body really hears the second part... even before that... they start wondering which is bigger - their face or Bagchi's bicep?? Well Bagchi does command attention... Dude you can't take the risk of doing it any other way!!! Anyways he is not what he looks like .. a poet at heart and a true lover of books ( mostly the ones that belong to course reference list ).. He is also a truly romantic fellow... if you dont believe me go ask that junior gal!!

Ya so now you know the line up and how we were making plans to nail that CIA agent- Shashank ! led by his own lady love ...who of course is an undercover KGB agent ( by the way...aren't all agents supposed to be under cover... neways!)

Days kept passing and Dilip kept posting us with the latest updates. Ok 'She' has booked her tickets... 'She' has asked us to book a room in MDP... Dude, what are the plans for the D-day 'She' is asking for it ???....She is coming today evening ... Where is the car to pick her up.... We always referred to her as 'She'... you know for security reasons and all..

Anyways 'she' is here... and the stage is set .....after days of hard work ...KGB is ready to make that final blow on that CIA agent..... at 12 today...with a pound of cake as the weapon of choice...

(to be continued ...)