Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Conspire and Aspire.. (ii)

There are two problems of writing a "part II" :
1. By the time u sit down to write it.... all the details seem to have blurred away.. and u are left there wondering - " did this happen or is it just my imagination?"
2. By the "sequel rule" ( which states that all there is 80% chance that a sequel will suck compared to the first one - propounded by : Stiff 'n' Spill-bug) my second attempt at continuing the story telling will definitely kill you, if first one has only bored you....

Anyways.... like that guy in Pepsi ad...who thinks - " mera gana hit hai.."... I choose to live under similar illusions and continue from where I left.

'She' arrived in jamshedpur on 2nd Aug at around 6:30 pm. Till around 4 pm we were confused as to where to put her up till that final moment came. After lot of deliberation and consultation among ourselves we narrowed down on two option: 1. Put her up in Jhumur's Room (Mossad agent: Deadliest of all.... 1 look and you are flat out...) , 2. A safe house in Sakchi (Read: Hotel Smita) Finally the choice was made by "she" : safe house. So at 6:30 Sushant , Dilip and myself were there on platform number 2 of station waiting for the train to come. We had already checked our exit plan 5 times, that would be: in an old jalopy, which kind of moves faster than cycle and as fast as TVS mopeds.. which Sushant had remodelled as - Maruti Alto. So finally the train came and i had the honor to meet...the "She".

The final plan was simple: all the of us including shashank leave at 1030 hours for The Regent- at 1120 : I leave to pick up Preeti and return by 1145- at 1159 we attack!!

You should have seen Dilip that evening, all excited and enthu. That reminds me, I have made a big mistake, I havent introduced Dilip, Shashank and Preeti yet.

Dilip: (The architect): A TeleCom engineer from Mumbai- fresher- single- and definitely looking! I always thought that I am one of the most unorganized and messy guys in campus... until I met Dilip. There was a point when there were so many stuff lying on his bed belonging to different people ( that includes him too... )...that I often wondered if the 'Lost and Found' section had shifted to my room ... There is one more thing absurdly alarming about him - he never gets angry- his mood varies between - normal to damn happy.... scary isn't it!!!??

Shashank: ( The family Guy): Looking at shashank you know exactly how you will look when you are happily married and settled in life.. ( not that he looks that old... ) His daily routine must include: sleep, food and 4 hour long session on phone ( with our KGB agent of course)....everything else is variable. He is kind of Vishwamitra of our group .. no Menaka/apsara can distract him...A person who has travelled up and down the central line of Mumbai local train route...every day - twice a day... for 2 months during summers.. need I say more .... but here he is happily unaware..."shikari kab yahan shikaar ban gaya"

Preeti: (The Lady in Red): With permission from due authorities I take this opportunity to write about the 'shikari's ' journey from mumbai to kolkata and back.... 1 months of planning... 1 month of careful deception... 1 week of suppressed laughter over phone.... 2 days of excitement...1 day that never seemed to end and then probably passed too soon.... 1000 volt smile ... a great attitude ...and finally about a total devil without the horns and tail. Ya I guess that will be my version of our KGB chief - Preeti ( Harpreet) ... kind of skewed i know...but then I am not the right person to do that... contact our very own family guy for that....!!

Anyways we pinned down the bakra ( shashank) to a corner seat in Cinnamon so that he can't see who is entering through the door. Time passed - I left at 1120 ... came back at 1140 .. got the cake 1150... Preeti called up shashank at 1152.. hung up 1158.... Bagchi got prepared with his camcorder at 1156 ....Preeti and i entered with the cake ...1159......10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.... Shashank went down.... Happy B'day Shashank!

I just can't describe the look on Shashank's face... he had the shock of life.... and was happy like hell... but everything got mixed...all emotions... happiness... surprise... everything.. and only thing he could utter for next 15 minutes - " Ooooh shiiiiiit!!" ofcourse we had a great time... laughing our heads off... raising toasts to our victory... and capturing every moment. I knew i had something to take shashank's case for the rest of his life...

For the next 3 days Shashank was nowhere to be seen.... Professors realized once again that viral fever was doing its round in hostel.... Kisley couldn't get his bike for next 3 days...and of course we got a grand treat!! Its been 4 days since preeti left.... I can still see the reminiscence of that smile on his face..... reminds me of that ad - " something in life money can't buy.... for everything else......"